Durable, waterproof, and inexpensive. Mount anywhere. Ask about custom designs, made to your specification.

Front view, using an array of 12 LEDs. The LED lamps use superbright, warm white LEDs. We can build our fixtures with any color or brightness (normal, bright and superbright) LEDs.

Different camera setting for comparison

LED and encasement colors in not only black, blue, red and white, but also yellow, orange, pink, fuscia, green, turquoise and more!
A sample of available colors of the panel. More colors available.

Revolutionary design for an LED fixture: Waterproof, rustproof, durable, compact, thin, light, less expensive, and with an attractive and contemporary design.
How is all that possible? We seal an array of LED bulbs and electronic components in practically unbreakable polycarbonate. An insulated, two wire lead extends from the body to attach to any 12v to 24v DC source.

Need different color LED panels? Need a different size, configuration or design? We can do it in quantity, made to your specification.

LED Panel 12-325S has mounting flexibility for retrofits. Since it is so thin and light, it can be fixed to many surfaces with standard epoxy, screws, or the built-in magnets. Fixed to the underside of the fixture are two surprisingly powerful, but tiny magnets (0.0625" thick x 0.5" diameter). This allows for mounting on any steel or iron object: a nail head, a cleat, a flat finished surface, etc.

LED Bright Light fixtures have innovative current regulating internal electronics that keep the fixture warm not hot to the touch. Compare to halogen and xenon bulbs which burn so hot that they can be a fire hazard if not installed properly, and regardless will cause a fire if certain flammable objects are placed too close by mistake.

LED Bright Light fixtures have no effect on printed colors and artwork. Compare to halogen and xenon bulbs, which emit UV rays which will fade printed colors and artwork, causing irreparable damage to your priceless possessions.

Specifications and features
LED feature Completely waterproof underwater
LED feature Extremely long life: more than 50,000 hours
LED feature Extremely low power consumption: 3.6 watts, versus 25 watts incandescent
LED feature Voltage range: 9 to 28 volts DC
LED feature 340 lumens light output
LED feature Very low heat emission
LED feature Dimensions: Square 3.25" x 3.25" (83 mm x 83 mm). Thickness 0.25" (19 mm)
LED feature Encasement material: polycarbonate plus epoxy resin
LED feature Optional mounting feature: Two very strong, thin magnets fixed to underside: 3.5 lbs., 0.0625" (1.6 mm) thick x 0.5" (13 mm) diameter each
LED feature Integrated 12" electrical wire
LED feature Built according to the highest standards

For pricing and availability please contact us.
Our LED lights are made in the USA.